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The IXN Agency Life Quoter is quick and easy to plug into any website or agent login area. This is our simple answer to a complex issue. Set up and install in less than 10 minutes.


Integrate with you favorite E-Ticket provider, forms engine, carrier Drop Ticket, CRM or any other online platform. We have taken the complication out of it so you can focus on your core business.


Never before has it been so easy to access carrier marketing and guides. Retrieve items like live carrier broadcasts, marketing materials, build charts, and underwriting guides with a simple click, or swipe if you're on mobile.

What are Clients saying?

"I was reluctant to switch from my current provider but I took the leap and I couldn't be happier, not only is the IXN quote engine simpler for my agents to use but it has saved me a ton of money. I am so glad I made the switch and so are my agents."

- Scott Weilage

Weilage Advisory Group

IXN Agency Life Quotes Simply Outshines the Rest

You won’t find a more expansive engine with more features, and ours is affordable!

Term & GUL Life Insurance Quoting

Quote Sub Standard Rates, Rider, Waivers etc...

Carrier Forms Download

Mobile Responsive from Start to Finish

Side by Side Quote Comparisons

Create Beautiful Consumer Ready PDF's

Send Quotes as Text Messages Direct to Clients

Client Ready Carrier Marketing Materials

100% Up To Date Rates

Broadcast Directly From Carrier

E-Ticket Integration

Underwriting Guides & Build Charts Built In

Review User Stats

Customize Quote Engine to fit your Look

Limit Carriers and products

This isn’t all, we just couldn’t fit any more features here….

It’s time to make the switch: 1(800) 250-5152

With the IXN Carrier Forms Engine you get split-second access to thousands of insurance forms packaged ready to be written. With our one of a kind updating process we make sure all carrier forms are accurate, update to date and easy to access. Whether you are using this in your agency or give your agents access on your website, this is the right tool for your multi carrier forms access.

Have a connection with a carrier we are missing? Help us get connected with a new carrier and we can add them to our platform. You scratch our back we'll scratch yours.

IXN Forms Carriers

Carrier Term Annuity UL IUL GUL Whole Life

While each carrier categorizes its forms repositories differently, the form categories listed above represent the most common industry product types.



I’m a BGA, why should I build a mobile app?

• Establish a new recruiting channel.
• Get in your agents’ pocket.
• Build producer loyalty.
• Better than a business card, pass out your app.
• Control the carriers they are quoting.
• Get your message to your agents.


How would you like to be in the pocket of all your agents? IENetwork offers brandable mobile apps for your organization. This is not a web page. This is the first ever insurance mobile app that allows you to brand it, select your carriers, and distribute it to your agents. Learn More…

Custom Branding

All apps are custom branded to match your business. We plug in your logo and match the color scheme to your colors.

User Management

Every app that is downloaded will require an account creation which can be managed by their IENetwork login if needed.

Life Quoting

With this Life Quoting tool you have the ability to quote all the IENetwork Life Insurance carriers for Term, Term ROP and GUL.

Recruiting Portal

When someone new creates an account through the app they are required to provide their first name, last name, phone number and email. This can be accessed by your staff on a desktop tool at or through your agent X-Pass if you purchase this tool. To learn more about the agent X-Pass contact your IENetwork representative

Advertising Feature

Throughout the app there are several place to post an ad. This can be completely managed by your office at You can post multiple ads to run for A/B testing or just run as many as you want. One ad is shown at a time.

Carrier Promotion

On the Life Insurance Quote results page you have the option to select one or multiple carriers to show at the top of the list. By default the order of the quotes is lowest to most expensive, but if there are one or more carriers you want to promote above others then you have the function to have those show at the top of the list as a promoted quote.

Push Notifications

A powerful way to keep in touch with your agents is through the App Push Notifications tool. You can log into a back-end management system at to update your agents. This is a text update that sends a message to all your app users or you can exclusively select which users to send it to. The user then gets an update on their smart phone in the notifications section (similar to a text message or other app updates) that they can click which takes them to the notifications section of their app to read the message. The user does have the ability to turn off push notifications, but they will still show up in their list. The list shows read/unread messages so they can see what has been opened. They can also archive notifications to keep their list clean.

3 Web Views

Web views are a way for us to take content that is already available on the web and insert it into your app. We recommend these pages are mobile firendly otherwise it will not be a good user experience. This is essentially taking a mobile browser page and pluging it into your app rather than making your user leave the app to get the information that is needed. We can do SSO (Single Sign On) with outside vendors and pages, this will result in additional charges based on integration/API ease of use. SSO is dependent on third party vendor functionality. We cannot guarantee we can do this with all vendors.


The E-Ticket is a Ticket builder which allows you to take applications online and through your app. This tool can be used to create your own custom applications to gather case information from your agents or map to a third party solution such as a Drop Ticket or Carriers E-Ticket (Enquire about availability). Some agencies have developed their own short application and want a way to digitally gather these forms from their agents, this tool is a perfect platform for this type of service. Others use third part tools to gather case information digitally such as Applicint, Quick Life Center, Vive, Carrier website or other solutions who then facilitate a teleapp or some other form of gathering the rest of the information from your agents.

Life Needs Analysis

The Life Needs Analysis tool is a tool which can be used by your users to plug in certain information about their client to determine how much life insurance is needed. Questions asked include: debts, income, (and for how many years), mortgage, education, expenses (final), existing life insurance, existing retirement/savings (401k, IRA, etc.). This then gives the user a Net Life Insurance Need off which they
can go directly into the Life Insurance Quotes tool and run a quote comparison for that amount.

Disability Comparison

The Disability comparison tool is a tool where you can show a Good/Better/Best Disability comparison. This does not give actual carrier rates but rather gives a blended rate. This does however give people an approximate. Then the user has the ability to request a full quote which comes to your office in the form of an E-Ticket. The result gives an overview of what is meant by Good/Better/Best and helps the agent generate interest in the option. In order to add this tool to the app you will need to have the E-Ticket tool already in your account so that you can gather those quote requests.

Forms Download

It doesn't always fit to submit business electronically. At times agents need to use a paper application or send off a paper application in the form of a PDF. This tool allows you to plug a PDF application tool into your app. Your agents can open up the tool and either download the forms or send them right from the app directly to the client. The forms are packaged based on need such as new business, replacement forms, marketing material, riders, waivers, etc...

New Posts

Push notifications not enough? If you want to add more meat to your app the news tool is a perfect tool for this. The news tools works similarly to the Push notifications tools but it also adds the ability to upload an video and categorize your push notification as a news update rather than just an update.

Video Sharing Tool

Do you create videos for your agents to learn or share with their clients? This tool allows you to get those videos out to the public in a quick easy tool. Essentially you can log in to your back-end at and link to YouTube videos that are already on the web. This tool then shows multiple categories such as consumer facing or agent facing where the agent can go to access them.

Consumer Quote Engine

At times there will be consumers who end up downloading your app who are simply looking for Life Insurance. Some agencies want to create route for them to get a quote and generate a lead. This can be done with a simple app-on. This will add a welcome screen to the app which asks the user whether they are an agent or consumer. If they are an agent they go to the login/sign up screen. If they are a consumer it will take them directly to a quote engine.

Website SSO

Many times you may already have a website back-end of your own (If you do not and want to learn about how to develop one ask your IENetwork rep about the Productivity Suite and how the Agent X-Pass can work for you). Many times you do not want your agents to have a different sign in to their app than they have on your website. In this case we can work with your dev team to create a single-sign-on with your current system. This is usually around $2,000 pricing just depends on the difficulty of integration.

AM Best

Adding AM Best ratings to your quote results allows the agents to show the financial strength of the company being quoted. When a carrier is clicked on not only do they see the rating but they can click to get information such as: Bonds, Total Assets, Direct Premiums written, capital & surplus and much more.

Custom Skin

There are several design layouts to choose from in the custom branding package included in the base app. If you want a graphic designer to design something completely unique for your agency you need a custom skin. A designer will come up with 3 design concepts that fit what you want and are looking for, then our development team will implement this design. After a lead time this design will be added to the IENetwork base app features for others to add. We can do exclusive designs but this would need to be custom quoted.

Custom Development

We often find that we have clients who want to develop tools or tweak tools a certain way that we do not already have built. In this case we would need a custom proposal. The proposal would be based on hours and our custom development fees are $120/hour. All custom development that is done for our clientele is discounted heavily to make it more affordable for you. We can do this because once it is
developed we give you a lead time to launch it to your agents and we do not offer that to anyone else until that lead time is up. Once that lead time is up (Usually 6 months) we then add it as a product within our suite of tools. We can do exclusive tools that will never be offered to other clients however we find that the price on this usually becomes

In the world of Producer recruiting you have several mediums to create an impression. One of those mediums is your website. At IXN we understand your agency goals and we have the tools/expertise to help you accomplish them. 

With contemporary designs and feature rich websites we help your agency create the modern presence you are looking for. You will work directly with one of our Insurance Experts who will make sure your website comes out exactly the way your want.


IXN Product Integration

Content Management System (CMS)

Responsive Design (Mobile optimized)

Unlimited Pages

Social Icons and plugins

Integrated Blog

Professional Photgraphy

Custom Contact Forms

Custom Embed Third Party Tools

Video/Flash Embeds

Google Maps Integration

Site Search

Looking for a better way to keep track of what your agents are doing on your website? Agent X-Pass is the perfect tool for you. Learn more about the Agent X-Pass >

Agent X-Pass


  • How do you agents currently access your tools?

  • Is it a seamless innovative experience?

  • Are you able to track what is working?

  • Are your agents happy with the ease of the process?

With IXN Agent X-Pass we create seamless and consistent access to all your technology solutions and agent information. Your agent’s log in to  X-pass through your website where they access a series of tools including SSO (Single Sign On) with your technology vendors. This way they only have to remember one password one time and they access all your tools in the same manner. One Sign in, one access point, simple and efficient.

Ebix - Smartoffice & Winflex Web
SuranceBay Online Contracting
Annuity Rate Watch
Bright Box - Agent Marketing Tool
Various Ipipline Tools
Select Carrier Websites
Swiftapp - E - submission tools

Yes, all Agent X-pass portals come with a fully customizable content management system.

Other features include:
Create and manage the pages of your login
Create and edit the content on the login pages
User management
Electronic document storage
Style configuration
Third party authentication management
And more...

Yes, all agent X-Pass portals are responsive and ready for mobile. Schedule a demo with an IXN Insurance Expert to find out the best way for your agents to access your website from a custom mobile app.

The main difference between a normal website login and the Agent X-pass is we have already done the heavy lifting saving you money. If you decide to start from scratch and have a developer build you a custom login area to your website it might be slightly more unique but in order to build and manage all the different technology vendors you are working with that developer would have to start from scratch. With IXN we have already worked it out so that the heavy lifting is done. Most developers will charge hourly, this means hours and hours of them try to figure out all your systems. We save you time and money.

E-Ticket Solution


Need a solution for submitting client information to carriers and vendors? IXN’s E-ticket tool gives you and your agents various options. Start out with a user-friendly form builder with drag and drop capabilities. Create your own contact forms or simply use any of our standard carrier forms for multiple lines of insurance. You get to decide how you want your agents submitting business, whether that be through custom forms, carrier direct e-tickets, or e-ticket vendors. Once your E-ticket tool is in use, create and manage administrators within your account and maintain your submitted tickets. Promote your services by plugging the tool into your IXN quote engines, mobile app, or directly linking to carrier websites. It’s the only E-ticket tools that integrates your secret sauce with multiple vendor and carrier websites.

  • Create your own forms
  • Manage tickets and admins
  • Desktop and mobile friendly
  • Integrate with multiple vendors and carriers
  • Multi-platform: quote engines, mobile apps, and carrier websites
  • You control how business is submitted
  • Single Sign On options
  • Easy to use form builder
  • Affordable opportunity

If you don’t like anything offered on the market or you have a knack for custom development, our Quotes API product allows you to build your own quoter, while we provide the data and rates. Just like any of our quoters, Quotes API can be completely personalized to display specific carriers, products and face amounts. Enjoy a do it yourself experience like none other.

Pristine Life Insurance rates

IXN life quotes data is easy to access and constantly being updated. When you are quoting your clients rest assured you are giving them the best, most accurate rate.

Build your own quote engine

Sometimes your idea doesn't fit within an out-of-the-box solution. Grab a developer and build your create idea, let us handle the frustration of managing carrier rates.

Economically priced

You have many options out there for Life Insurance quoting. IXN was designed with the agent in mind. Not everyone has million dollar budgets.

Developer friendly API

Easy to access documentation for devopers. Our API was designed for ease of use and quick work for a developer. See for yourself.

Backend login control

Log in to an easy to use dashboard where you can see the amount of API hits and easily select carriers, product types, and individual products.

Multiple Lines of business

Quote over a hundred carriers with multiple product types including Term, ROP and GUL. Easy to manipulate what your clients see.