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Mobile Fulfillment Process Overview

Below you will find an outline of our Mobile App Fulfillment process. Please review the process in detail. More specific details about each step can be found by clicking the info icon next to the respective steps on your Status Page.

Step 1: Preparing for Testing

Below are a list of items we need to create the first test version of your mobile app. The following are must haves before we can get started:

We can build a test app for Google with only the logo. The developer account for Apple must be set up before a test app can be built for that platform.

Step 2: Testing and Exploration

After we’ve received your company logo and are invited to the developer accounts, we will build the Test Version of your app and send you links to download the test versions for Apple and Android. At that point, we will give you further instructions on how to test your app.

Step 3: Revisions

After receiving the Test Version of your app you will review every tool in the app and record any changes you would like made. Once complete, please send the entire list of changes to fulfillment@ixn.tech. At this point, you may find it helpful to schedule a meeting with our fulfillment team. We will work together with you to configure the app and get it ready to publish.

Step 4: Submit App to Stores

After reviewing the app with you we will implement the necessary changes and submit your app to the app stores! At this point you will need to finalize the App Names and Descriptions. Once approved by Apple and Google, your new app will be available for download and fulfillment will be complete!

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to help you. You can email us at fulfillment@ixntech.com or call us at 800-250-5152 #4. Thanks again for choosing IXN Tech. We are looking forward to working with you on your mobile app.