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What’s in a Name?

Now is the time to start thinking of a great app name. There are two names for the app, the name as it appears in the store, and the name as it appears on your device. These do not need to be the same but should be similar. Here are the differences:

Let Your Description Work for You

Well written app store descriptions not only help motivate users to download your app, they can also help users find it! Carefully using keywords in your descriptions can boost your app’s visibility in store searches.This is especially true in the Google Play store as Google takes keywords directly from the description to determine what searches your app should appear in.

Short description – A one-sentence description to appear in stores. This will be displayed in the Google Play Store under the app name. Here is an example of a short description: “Life Insurance Quotes by [Agency Name].”

Full description – This description can be as long as you wish. This is where you can have a list of features, etc. of the app and any other promotional/marketing messages you want to include. Here is an example of an  app’s description. Feel free to use this description as a starting point:

“This completely free app delivers quote comparisons for over 30 life insurance carriers.  Quotes are given for all 50 States.  Are you a life insurance agent? Sign up for a free account to use powerful agent tools.

Our app allows you to Compare, Text, and Email Up-to-date Quotes to your clients or agents. Quotes also include AMBest Ratings and Policy Fee breakdown. E-Submission available for select carriers”


Want to know more about marketing your app? Check out this guide we’ve written on the subject.