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How would you like your brand to be one of the first things your agent sees when they pull out their phone? IXN offers brandable mobile apps for your organization. This is not a web page. This is the first ever insurance mobile app that allows you to brand it, select your carriers, and distribute it to your agents. With millions of websites available for people to browse, it’s hard to stay relevant. Establish a new recruiting channel through a mobile app and allow your agents to access quoting tools from anywhere.

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Base App Features Include: 

Custom Branding

All apps are custom branded to match your business. We plug in your logo and match the color scheme to your colors.

User Management

Every app that is downloaded will require an account creation which can be managed by their IXN login if needed.

Life Quoting

With this Life Quoting tool you have the ability to quote all the IXN Life Insurance carriers for Term, Term ROP and GUL.

Recruiting Portal

When someone new creates an account through the app they are required to provide their first name, last name, phone number and email. This can be accessed by your staff on a desktop tool at or through your agent X-Pass if you purchase this tool. To learn more about the agent X-Pass contact your IXN representative.

Advertising Feature

Throughout the app there are several place to post an ad. This can be completely managed by your office at You can post multiple ads to run for A/B testing or just run as many as you want. One ad is shown at a time.

Carrier Promotion

On the Life Insurance Quote results page you have the option to select one or multiple carriers to show at the top of the list. By default the order of the quotes is lowest to most expensive, but if there are one or more carriers you want to promote above others then you have the function to have those show at the top of the list as a promoted quote.

Push Notifications

A powerful way to keep in touch with your agents is through the App Push Notifications tool. You can log into a back-end management system at to update your agents. This is a text update that sends a message to all your app users or you can exclusively select which users to send it to. The user then gets an update on their smart phone in the notifications section (similar to a text message or other app updates) that they can click which takes them to the notifications section of their app to read the message. The user does have the ability to turn off push notifications, but they will still show up in their list. The list shows read/unread messages so they can see what has been opened. They can also archive notifications to keep their list clean.

3 Web Views

Web views are a way for us to take content that is already available on the web and insert it into your app. We recommend these pages are mobile friendly otherwise it will not be a good user experience. This is essentially taking a mobile browser page and plugging it into your app rather than making your user leave the app to get the information that is needed. We can do SSO (Single-Sign-On) with outside vendors and pages, this will result in additional charges based on integration/API ease of use. SSO is dependent on third party vendor functionality. We cannot guarantee we can do this with all vendors.

Mobile App Add-On’s


The E-Ticket is a Ticket builder which allows you to take applications online and through your app. This tool can be used to create your own custom applications to gather case information from your agents or map to a third party solution such as a Drop Ticket or Carriers E-Ticket (Enquire about availability). Some agencies have developed their own short application and want a way to digitally gather these forms from their agents, this tool is a perfect platform for this type of service. Others use third part tools to gather case information digitally such as Applicint, Quick Life Center, Vive, Carrier website or other solutions who then facilitate a teleapp or some other form of gathering the rest of the information from your agents.

Life Needs Analysis

The Life Needs Analysis tool is a tool which can be used by your users to plug in certain information about their client to determine how much life insurance is needed. Questions asked include: debts, income, (and for how many years), mortgage, education, expenses (final), existing life insurance, existing retirement/savings (401k, IRA, etc.). This then gives the user a Net Life Insurance Need off which they
can go directly into the Life Insurance Quotes tool and run a quote comparison for that amount.

Forms Download

It doesn't always fit to submit business electronically. At times agents need to use a paper application or send off a paper application in the form of a PDF. This tool allows you to plug a PDF application tool into your app. Your agents can open up the tool and either download the forms or send them right from the app directly to the client. The forms are packaged based on need such as new business, replacement forms, marketing material, riders, waivers, etc...

Video Sharing Tool

Do you create videos for your agents to learn or share with their clients? This tool allows you to get those videos out to the public in a quick easy tool. Essentially you can log in to your back-end at and link to YouTube videos that are already on the web. This tool then shows multiple categories such as consumer facing or agent facing where the agent can go to access them.

Consumer Quote Engine

At times there will be consumers who end up downloading your app who are simply looking for Life Insurance. Some agencies want to create route for them to get a quote and generate a lead. This can be done with a simple app-on. This will add a welcome screen to the app which asks the user whether they are an agent or consumer. If they are an agent they go to the login/sign up screen. If they are a consumer it will take them directly to a quote engine.

Website SSO

Many times you may already have a website back-end of your own (If you do not and want to learn about how to develop one ask your IXN rep about the Productivity Suite and how the Agent X-Pass can work for you). Many times you do not want your agents to have a different sign in to their app than they have on your website. In this case we can work with your dev team to create a single-sign-on with your current system.

AM Best

Adding AM Best ratings to your quote results allows the agents to show the financial strength of the company being quoted. When a carrier is clicked on not only do they see the rating but they can click to get information such as: Bonds, Total Assets, Direct Premiums written, capital & surplus and much more.

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