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IXN Term Quote Engine

IXN and Advisors Excel have partnered to bring you an embeddable term quoting engine for your website. This simple, quick and cross-platform tool allows your website visitors to enter their information and generate a real time quote in a matter of seconds, all while converting those visitors into leads. Whether on a mobile device or desktop platform this seamless solution will help foster and cross-sell life insurance to your website visitors. IXN is proud to partner with Advisors Excel and their agents to help add velocity to your life insurance sales.

Real-time Consumer Quoting

Engage your customers with a simple but powerful quoting tool. With access to real-time product quotes and information they will be able to better qualify themselves and lead to more sales.

  • Limit Carriers & Products

    Control what carriers, products, and product types your customers will see.

  • Adaptive Design

    The quoter design will adapt to any area, big or small, so your customers always get a good experience.

  • Customer Education

    Provide helpful tips and information, like AM Best Ratings, so your customers aren’t left in the dark.


Qualified Lead Generation

Replace that standard contact form with an interactive quoter that will allow your customer to view and select quotes for carriers and products you define. With quote and customer information in hand, you can close sales faster and with more confidence.

  • Customer Quote Selection

    Customers can view and select product quotes that most interest them.

  • Partial Lead Capture

    Customer information is saved and sent to you so you don’t lose quality leads.

  • Custom Lead Forms

    Use the built in lead form, or integrate with a number of 3rd Party form builders and CRMs.

Flexible Configuration & Insights

Through the IXN Dashboard you can customize the carriers, products, features, and branding for your Website Quoter. Utilize quote analytics and lead management to close deals, generate reporting, improve your marketing, and much more

  • Limit Carriers & Products

    Control what carriers, products, and product types your customers will see.

  • Embeddable Script

    A short code snippet will seamlessly integrate the Website Quoter into any website or web application.

  • Quote Analytics

    We track and provide you with valuable quote analytics that can be filtered based on quote criteria.

  • Lead Management

    Use IXN lead management to view and track customer selected quotes and information.

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