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The leader in cross-platform life insurance quoting and marketing tools.

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Cross-Platform Quoting


Run quotes wherever, whenever, and however you want.

Gone are the days of archaic, complicated quoting systems that can only be run on “that one computer” in the corner of the office. The IXN quoting tools combine clean, easy-to-use designs with cross-platform technology to give you real-time quoting on any modern device or browser. Intuitive features like on-the-fly carrier limiting, product comparison quoting, and the ability to text a quote pdf directly to customers are just a few of the things that make the IXN quoting tools the best in the industry. Learn More

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Quoting & Agent Tools On The Go


Recruit more, sell more, and expand your business.

Our mobile apps are custom branded to your agency. Leverage our sleek UI designs to provide cutting edge tools, like mobile quoting, to your agents. Keep your agents up to date with real time mobile notifications and in-app advertising. Our apps aren’t just for agents, they also include consumer quoting tools that will help you generate highly qualified leads. Learn More

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Qualified Lead Generation


Improve lead quality through our Website and Website Quoter.

As an agent, your goal is to create and maintain long-term relationships with your customers. These days, having a strong online presence is the primary way to do this. Save time and establish a strong online presence with our easy to use Agent Websites. With the time you save you can focus on closing highly qualified leads generated from our embeddable consumer Website Quoter.

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Centralized Carrier Forms Engine


Find and distribute carrier product and marketing forms.

Simply put, trying to manage carrier forms is a nightmare. With the Carrier Forms Engine you’ll have a centralized location for accessing carrier product and marketing forms. Our data team keeps track of form updates and changes so you don’t have to. Our intuitive UI and standardized categorization makes it easy to find forms for yourself, agents, or clients. Learn More

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Developer Friendly APIs


Build custom quoting solutions with our straightforward APIs.

Have you ever heard of the term “Eat your own dog food”? We have, and we live by it. When you use our simple, but powerful JSON API you’ll be using the same code and logic that powers our Agency Life Quoter, Website Quoter and Mobile App quoting. Custom UI’s, industry-changing products, and internal agency tools are just a few ways our API is being used. How can you use it to build your business? Just remember…with great power, comes great responsibility. Learn More

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