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Let us show you how our digital sales tools empower agents, getting insurance solutions to clients faster and more efficiently.

IXN is the leading firm in creating digital solutions for the insurance industry, and has played an influential role in helping companies modernize, accelerate, and empower business growth. Our solutions provide agents a digital workflow to better distribute life insurance anywhere, especially on the go.

With our recent acquisition by Insurance Technologies, we are excited to be expanding our digital sales capabilities that make the sales process of life insurance and retirement products quick and easy for agents and advisors.

Connect with us today and let us show you how the Agency Life Quoter is now embedded in FireLight®, providing a single platform that delivers an intuitive and connected quote-to-apply sales experience.

IXN and FireLight Sales Platform

We look forward to connecting with you to discuss how we can help streamline your insurance sales processes and experiences.


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IXN is now part of Insurance Technologies   right arrow