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Join us!

We are excited to have you join our Summer Webinar Series! 

In the last year, IXN has pioneered ground-breaking innovations in insurance technology. We’re working hard to make sure that insurance is never the same!

Join us for an exclusive look at how we can transform your insurance sales process!

What: Webinar: Agent’s Want To Be Mobile, Are You?

When: Aug 22, 2018 @ 11am MST (1pm ET)

Don’t forget to schedule the upcoming webinar series:

  • August 29, 2018 – IXN Quoting & Forms: Spend Less Time Quoting and More Time Selling @ 11am MST (1pm ET)
  • September 5, 2018 – E-Ticket Latest and Greatest: Come See the Latest Additions to The New IXN Platform @ 11am MST (1pm ET)
  • September 12, 2018 – Webinar: How You’re Losing Money by Not Using Lead Marketing Program @ 11am MST (1pm ET)

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at (800) 250-5152.