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IXN is Here For You

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As we are now into week 2 of lockdowns throughout the United States, we felt that it was important to reach out and make sure all of our customers, partners, prospective customers are doing OK. For those of you who know us already, you know IXN has always been pushing the envelope on digital transformation inView Post

IXN collaborates with Protective Life Insurance Company to create the life insurance industry’s first “Mobile” e-ticket

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT (March 15, 2019) – IXN®, the leading provider of cross-platform digital quoting solutions for the life insurance industry, is launching the industry’s first mobile e-ticket in collaboration with Protective Life Insurance Company. Life insurance distributors now have the ability to leverage this e-ticket solution directly from a native app on their phones,View Post

IXN-Paperless Solutions Group Partnership Announcement

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Feb 7, 2019) – IXN® – the leading provider of cross platform digital quoting solutions for the life insurance industry – today announced a formal partnership with Paperless Solutions Group® (PSG), the premier provider of electronic applications in the insurance marketplace. Launching in the first quarter of 2019, distributors of life insuranceView Post

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

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Every kid is asked, “What do you want to  be when you grow up?” At times I thought I knew and then came to find out that  (no offense to high school teachers) high school teachers don’t make very much money.  Then I thought I wanted to be a movie producer and director. Ultimately IView Post

Selling Insurance In a Mobile World: How Mobile is Changing The Sales Landscape

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The business of selling life insurance is going through one of the most transformational changes it has experienced in the past half century—and this transformation is being driven by mobile technology.  In this day and age you can get nearly anything you want via that handy little device sitting in your pocket—that mobile smart phone! View Post

How Insurance Professionals Would Use a Mobile App – Survey Results

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Our custom mobile apps are designed to make your business as mobile as you are. With an IXN mobile app, you’ll literally have your agency in your pocket. At the beginning of May 2017, our team at IXN held a survey amongst our subscribers to gain insight into how one of our mobile apps wouldView Post

Beauty and the Beast & Insurance

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What on earth could Beauty and the Beast have to do with insurance?   In my last article, How To Win Clients Online, I discussed at length why social media and other online mediums are important for insurance. With this post, I’d like to focus more on the how. With this article, I’m going toView Post

Product Launch – The New Agency Life Quoter & Forms Engine

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A message from our President: We would like to thank all our of customers who have supported us through the years and continue to support IXN. We have come such a long way, and we are continuing to push forward as fast as we possibly can. 2016 was a hectic year here at IXN. WeView Post

How To Win Clients Online – An Insurance Perspective (Finally)

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Online marketing. Yeah, you’ve heard of it. Isn’t it pretty simple? It’s just posting on social media right? Wrong. There are a few people out there that have had some success with this, but these are exceptions. Of course, you probably already knew that. Online marketing is anything but simple. It is a scary, hairyView Post

How to Utilize Google Apps to Improve your Business

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While you have probably heard of Gmail, Google Apps hosts a myriad of capabilities to help small and large business improve communication, collaboration and team efficiency. This cloud-based suite includes apps like Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Gmail, which can help increase employee workflow and simplify task completion. Many people, even those using Google Apps,View Post