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Account Overview

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In the account overview we will teach you how to do several things including:

  • Creating and joining agencies
  • Your account Settings
  • How to upgrade your membership

So let’s get started!

Creating an Agency

The first thing you will need to do once you have your account set up is add an agency. Once you log in you will see to options: You can either join an agency created by someone else or you can create your own. We’re gonna teach you how to do both, lets take a look at creating your own first.

Click on the +add agency button


You will then come to a page that asks for your agency information. Please make sure to fill out as much information here as possible. This information will be used in useful ways within your client  manager. If you do not have all this information, you can come back and edit the non-required information later.



Now you have created your first agency, with the producer package you can create one of these. However, with the producer Pro package you can create multiple agencies within your account.

Joining an Agency

Now lets show you how to join an agency! There are two ways to do this, you can request to join an agency, or the agency owner an add you as a user in their client management portal.

We will start with how you join an agency

Joining an agency has a few more steps, before you start this process you will need the member number of the member whose agency you are trying to join. Scroll down to see where to get that. Click on the +join agency button


Now is when you will need the agency owners member number. This is not something you can see in your account so you must get in contact with the owner of the agency you are trying to join. On the next page you will need to insert it, here is an example of where the agency owner can find that:



Once you have entered the member number the owner of the agency will need to log in to their account and accept your request. If you are an agency owner and you are looking to accept a request you will click on Notifications in your account:



Once there, if you have any pending requests you will see them there. You simply accept them and then your agency will show up in the agencies section of their account.

Once you have done this simply click on the agency and you will log in and start working. Keep in mind you will not have access to any of the information in the agency until the agency owner edits your permissions to start doing so.

Adding a Producer

Like we pointed out earlier there is another way to get/give access to an agency. If you are an agency admin and you are looking to give someone access to your agency you can do this from within the agency.

From with in your agency click on the settings tool:


Keep in mind that not all agencies have the same tool order since you are able to customize that. Once you are here click on the producers button. This will show you all the producers that are plugged in to your agency.


Click on the add producer button, this will add a blank producer to your agency.



Edit the Login Access section. Here you will need to agents member number (If you don’t know how to find this refer to earlier in the tutorial). Simply plug in the their member number and they will be given access immediately.



Now they are ready to go. To learn more about the producer information section go to the settings tab.

Your Account Settings



There are 4 different options in your account settings section.


This section is for account notifications. here you will see two things:

  • Payment Requests
    • This is for when someone requests for you to pay for their membership in the sign up process. This especially useful if you are an agency owner and you want to pay for some of your agents memberships.
  • Join Agency Request
    • Here you will see requests from others to join your agency. One of the unique features with IENetwork is that you can collaborate with others in your agency. To learn more about this feature see the Joining an Agency section of this tutorial.

View Account

The view account section has information regarding your general account, billing and other settings. We suggest exploring this section so you are familiar with it. If you need help with this section please contact us 801.854.7160.

Here is a list of things you can do here:

  • Member information
  • Login Information
  • Account Status
  • Account Fees
  • Billing Information
  • Billing History
  • Communication settings
  • Payment request settings
  • Join Agency request settings

Mobile Devices

If you have downloaded the IENetwork mobile app and logged in through the app you will see it here. If for any reason you have lost your device and want to make sure that someone cannot login  and see personal information stored on your app you can go here to deactivate it. You can also block devices as well as reset the login here.


The upgrade button is there to help you upgrade to other membership types.


You might be thinking I get so many great tools for free with the try it out membership, why would I want to upgrade? That is a great question and we would agree that you get many great tools for free with IENetwork. However, IENetwork has a lot more to offer; upgraded features for the Free features, Notes and tasks management, electronic document storage and many more.