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Why Agencies Need a Mobile App

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          Mobile engagement is on the rise. In 2014, mobile usage exceeded desktop usage for the first time in history. Because 90% of time spent on phones is within mobile apps, businesses cannot rely only on mobile-optimized websites to engage customers. In order to compete, companies must embrace mobile trends. With escalating smartphone use, all businesses should consider using a mobile app as a key tool in their online marketing strategy. Apps offer a unique channel to clients and come with a variety of benefits. Here are the top five reasons why you should employ an Agency mobile app to influence your agents.


Enhance Engagement


          The most valuable feature of a mobile app is its ability to send real-time notifications to your agents. Let your app users know when you start offering a new service or writing business with a new carrier. With email campaigns and social media posts, there’s no guarantee that your audience is reading the message. Push notifications show up on the front page of your agents’ phones and are always read; they aren’t getting lost in spam folders and news  feeds. Create a personal mobile experience for your users by customizing push notifications based on the location of your agents to make them applicable to different groups. Encourage your clients to interact with your app by including short-term promotions and calls to action. The more times you can engage your agents with your mobile app, the more likely they are to use the tools you provide to create sales for your agency. Build a deeper connection with agents by contacting them directly through push notifications.


Cultivate Loyalty


Vector app promotion and marketing concept in flat linear style - illustration for service to get reviews for mobile apps and monetization infographics design elements          Providing a mobile app for your agents is a great way to build brand loyalty. Your app acts as a living advertisement of what your company values and represents. By making it beautifully designed, easy to use, and feature rich, you can show your agents why they should choose you over any other agency. Once your app is downloaded, it stays on the user’s device, unlike mobile websites that disappear after the browser is closed. Take advantage of this opportunity. Make sure your clients see and interact with your smartphone app regularly. This aids in logo and brand recognition and helps your agents think of your agency for the next time they need to write business. A mobile app can give your business an identity that lives on agent devices, increasing brand recognition and customer loyalty.


          Agencies can also use loyalty programs within their mobile apps to boost brand devotion. No longer are the days of loyalty punch cards. Smartphone apps allow your agents to collect points every time they use your services. They can monitor and redeem those points within the app, helping you retain existing agents and encourage more visits. Including a loyalty program within your app can help increase downloads and grow brand devotion.


Showcase Products and Services


          One of the main purposes of a smartphone app is to promote your products and services. Make your value proposition easy to find by displaying your main offerings on the homepage of your app. Your agents can then use the app as a one-stop location for all the information they need. When you make changes to your services, update agents about those changes to boost interest in the mobile app and encourage your agents to make a visit. Having a showcase of all your products within a smartphone app helps increase the mobility of your agents, enabling them to enjoy your services from anywhere. Create a personal platform for each of your agents by including user accounts where they can login to view leads, customer information, application forms, and much more. A mobile app gives your clients everything they need to be successful right at their fingertips.


Provide Support


Smartphone functions design flat. Smart phone, tablet and mobile phone, smartphone hand, technology smart, internet and app, device telephone, network wireless illustration          An app can be a great tool for speedy contact and customer support. Installing a help desk feature within the app allows your agents to get in touch with you anytime, anywhere. In a world where the fastest responses win over consumers, keeping in touch with clients is crucial. Provide a one-click button where app owners can access all your contact information. Build contact forms within the app so agents can ask questions and get feedback. With a mobile app you can be immediately accessible to clients to get them the help they need.


          You can also host tools on your mobile app that will make selling insurance easier for your agents. Include quoting and forms engines so they can run instant quotes and download application forms when working with customers. Provide comparison tools and needs calculators to make their jobs easier. Make sure they understand how to use all your tools by incorporating how-to instructions within the app. By providing the right tools in your smartphone app, you can add value to your agency, sell more insurance, and keep your agents selling for you.


Increase Visibility and Accessibility


          How many times a day do you look at your phone? If you’re like most people, you spend more than four hours on your mobile device everyday– most of that time within apps. The average person has 26 apps on their phone, meaning if you can get agents to download your mobile app, you only have to compete with 25 other companies for your agents’ attention. This is nothing compared to the millions and millions of websites published on the internet today. The best thing an app can do for your business is increase your visibility. Offering a mobile app gives your brand a place to live on your agent’s phone where they will see if, even if they aren’t opening the app directly. Once you are visible to your target audience, they are more likely to interact with your app and utilize your services, potentially making you money. A smartphone app also allows agents to access all your product offering with the click of a button. While getting to a mobile website could take minutes, your client can open your app and find what they are looking for in seconds. By increasing your brand visibility and accessibility, a mobile app can help you stay relevant and competitive in a sea of companies.




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          Adding an app to your digital marketing strategy will enhance engagement, cultivate brand loyalty, showcase your products and services, improve customer service, and increase your visibility. These benefits, along with so many more, should convince you that going mobile will ultimately increase your sales and help you compete with other agencies. Be a forward-thinker in the insurance industry and start building your way to success.


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