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Check Out the Latest Features in our New Agency Life Quoter

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At IXN Tech, we are committed to building innovative products. We believe in implementing the latest technology to create sales solutions for insurance agents and agencies. Over the years, our company has developed numerous quote engines, all with the main goal to help insurance professionals make more sales. We are devoted to providing the best technology solutions to our clients. That’s why we decided to launch a new Agency Life Quoter with more capabilities than ever. Before we officially release the product, we wanted to introduce some of the newest features included in the quote engine. So, here they are.

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More Carriers and Data

We have partnered with about 10 new carriers and can now provide our clients with more of the forms they need. When a customer runs and chooses a quote, agents can access the right forms, download a PDF, and email it directly to clients. With our one-of-a-kind updating process we make sure all carrier forms are accurate, up to date, and easy to access. With more carriers on our platform, we are prepared to give agents all the information they need, all in one tool.


Coming Soon! Mobile Responsive

As the world moves more and more towards mobile, we understand how crucial it is to provide your agents with mobile-friendly solutions. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to make sure our Agency Life Quoter is mobile-responsive from start to finish. Plug the quote engine into your mobile website or app so your agents can access your tools from anywhere. The quoter will adjust to fit any screen size and will display options and quote results seamlessly. Through our mobile-friendly quoting solution, agencies can make their services available where agents are more likely to find them. 


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 1.53.44 PMImproved User Interface

Sometimes, it’s all about style. That’s why we’ve updated the look, feel, and speed of the Agency Life Quoter to make sure your users have a flawless experience. Entry fields and categories are now laid out in a more appealing format. The quote results page shows product information and a premium amount breakdown for each quote. Once a quote is chosen, the user can choose from a variety of tools all displayed in a convenient pop-up menu. These tools will help the user grab product information, form sets, and send quote results to clients in a flash. Attract and recruit more agents with our new and improved user interface.


Data Diagnostics

We’ve improved our visibility so agents and agencies can be assured they are providing the best rates to their customers. Our Agency Life Quoter now includes data diagnostics to show how up-to-date our rates are. The Data Diagnostics Tool is a snapshot of the latest rate and form updates. Each time that a carrier sends us a rate/form update, we will log that change and give ALQ users access to that information. Rest assured that if rates or forms are updated, you will know about it.> You can show clients that our data is accurate and up-to-speed every time they run a quote. Through greater transparency, agencies can increase their standing in the industry and sell more insurance.

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Carrier Product Information

We want your agents to have all the information they need when they’re out in the field. Give them access to product brochures, marketing materials, basic product structure, and state availability with our new Agency Life Quoter. Buying insurance can be confusing. We’re making it easier to understand by including product information for each of our carriers and product types.


We’ve been hard at work improving our Agency Life Quoter. These added features and options that will help agents and agencies be more successful in their business. Stay tuned for our official product release on August 10th when the latest in quoting and forms solutions will be available for purchase. We hope to continue providing the best technology solutions in the insurance industry.


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