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SocialLinkMEME photo by Erin Collins

Social Media provides a great opportunity for life insurance agents to reach potential clients and create leads faster and easier than ever before. It also makes it easier for BGAs and agents to connect and find each other. There are so many networking opportunities, from Twitter, Linked-In, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram, to the emails and texts you send. Each one has a slightly different feel and purpose in its design, so it is important to know how and when to use each one to help your business become bigger and better.

The best one to start with is the one that you are most familiar with. If you are not familiar with any of them, then start with the one that you have the most friends and family already using. That way you have help if you need it, and you have a network already in place. The trick to social media is using the opportunities that you have to your advantage without seeming overbearing or pushy about your product. You want to make and keep friends who could potentially be clients. This means putting effort into reciprocating and being interested in what others are doing. If you post something that people comment on, take the time to respond or look at what they are up to. Social networking is about networking, and for it to work for you and your business, you can’t just be focused on yourself.

Take Instagram for example. Instagram is a based off of the idea that you can post a picture of something and hashtag it so that it is easily searchable. You can also add links for people to follow to get to a website. If you find a person who posts things all the time that you like and that interest you, you can then “follow” them, meaning that you are alerted when they post something new. If you were using Instagram to build your business, you would follow family and friends and have them follow you. Then you would post pictures that might be interesting to a broad group of people with hashtags and links that make sense and lead back to your website. You then continue expanding your network of followers as you post content that people like.

The great part about social media and life insurance is that anyone you associate with, family, friends and strangers alike, could be a potential client. Whether you are sending an email to Johnny’s soccer coach or you are posting a picture of what you are eating for dinner, each interaction with people can become a new network, a new connection, a new lead.

IENetwork’s Social Link Quoter is a way that you can gain leads and follow up with them so that you gain the most from your social networking. It can be used in several ways, all linking to your IENetwork account so that you can keep track of the traffic. Purchasing one Social Link Quoter allows you to use it where ever you want, as often as you want. It provides a link to a life quoter that stores the leads generated in your IENetwork account. This means you can take a casual family picture at the beach, post it on your Instagram feed with hashtags like #Family #Togethertime #Isyourfamilyprotected, and have a link to your Social Link Quoter that, if clicked, goes to a custom page about how important it is to have life insurance to protect your family in the case of death. Another way it can be used is in your email, work and personal. A link and icon can be put in an automatic signature at the end of each email. Who knows, maybe suddenly you will get a lead from Aunt Betty or your kid’s soccer coach. It’s a great non-intrusive way to share your business with all the contacts you have spent your life developing.

Check out https://ienetwork.com/products/link_life_quoter for more info on IENetwork’s Social Link Quoter.