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Improvements to our Life Insurance Website Quoter

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We’ve been hard at work improving our products, and we’re proud to announce the release of some highly-demanded features in our Life Insurance Website Quoter. Some of these features were released in silence, as we’ve been so busy trying to add new features and keep everything running smoothly. We’d like to take a moment to highlight these features:

A.M. Best License

One of the most highly demanded features was the addition of A.M. Best rates. A.M. Best rates add credibility to your website and help the consumer get an idea of the financial stability of the many carriers available. We’ve integrated A.M. Best rates into our quoters for one low monthly price. You pay the price once, and you can use it in all of your quoters. To learn more about using A.M. Best ratings in our Website Quoter contact our Sales Team for a free demo.

Limit Individual Products

Another feature we’ve been asked for is non-medical quoters. With the new ability to limit individual products, you can now choose which products will show up to your consumers. Obviously, this not only enables you to select non-medical quotes, but it also allows you to only show the products that you sell. Why show your consumers something you don’t want to sell them? To learn more about limiting products in our Website Quoter contact our Sales Team for a free demo.

Mobile Friendly Quotes

Previously, our Website Quoter had to be at least 450px wide. While this was acceptable on most websites for desktop/laptop computers, it didn’t scale well on a mobile device. We often had complaints that our quoter didn’t look good on mobile phones. We worked hard on that problem, and we’ve been able to decrease the minimum size to about 200px wide. Our quoters will now fit in just about any place wide enough for a normal size text box. To learn more about how our Website Quoter enhances the mobile quoting experience contact our Sales Team for a free demo.

Height Adjustment

Those familiar with our Website Quoter in months past will know that embedding the quoter on their website left an undesirable scroll bar on the side of the quoter when the quoter contents grew too large to show in the iframe. Previously, the only recourse was to make the iframe’s height excessively large. However, this left a large blank area under the quotes when the space wasn’t filled. We’ve now worked out a method to automatically adjust the height of the iframe to match the quoter contents. This method uses Javascript to change the height, so if you installed the quoter previously, you will need some new code to utilize this new functionality. If you need help installing the new code, contact our Support Team.


Thanks for all of your support and faith in us. You are the reason we are here, and we’re working hard to help you with your business. We hope to have more new features to announce in the near future.