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As we are now into week 2 of lockdowns throughout the United States, we felt that it was important to reach out and make sure all of our customers, partners, prospective customers are doing OK. For those of you who know us already, you know IXN has always been pushing the envelope on digital transformation in the industry, providing technology to sell and process life insurance from the office, the coffee shop, the golf course, or wherever with our mobile and web-based solutions—never did we foresee how important digital tools would suddenly become in today’s crazy world.

 For our customers and partners, it is business as usual for IXN staff as we have always had flexible work arrangements which included the ability to work remotely.  Feel free to reach out to us at support@ixn.tech if you need any assistance on training your agents to leverage your digital tools or if you finally want to add that mobile app or the online website quoter to your existing services.  Never before has the ability to process Electronic Applications or Etickets become more important—take advantage of these tumultuous times to finally move your agents away from paper!!!    As you know, at IXN, there are no additional charges for the Agent or BGA to leverage our open-architecture EApp or Eticket solutions, so take advantage of that.

For our prospective customers and partners who have been on the fence about moving to modern technology—sorry we didn’t do a better job explaining how important true mobile technology and cost-effective digital solutions are for your agency and your organization.  The IXN Sales team is active and happy to help you (as web demos have always been our go-to). We can get you up and running quickly with digital tools while saving you money and increasing agent adoption with our free webinars and training materials. Feel free to reach out to sales@ixn.tech and we will have you set up in no time.

To everyone in the life insurance industry, thank you for the important work you do for Americans every single day in protecting households and individuals.  During these uncertain times, never has it been so important to ensure that life insurance protection is in place. Stay safe everyone—as always we are here to help!

IXN Support and Sales Team can be reached at 1-800-250-5152. You can also live chat with a rep on our website and email us at Support@ixn.tech or sales@ixn.tech for assistance with your IXN account. We take a lot of pride in our response times and willingness to help you as fast as possible, we are here for you.